My name is William Enders, I am a 26 year old game developer living in Brooklyn, New York. I've been programming games since I was 11, and have worked on a number of mobile and desktop titles.

  1. Remote Control

    2022 - Current

    I joined Remote Control to assist Peloton in developing their music & gaming-inspired fitness experience Lanebreak. As a contract Unity Developer I’ve worked on implementing various user-facing features and new gameplay elements.

  2. Thousand Ant

    2020 - 2022

    I worked with Thousand Ant to provide content to Unity Technologies for their Prototype Series on YouTube. This involved creating game prototypes, scripts, and screen capture for a variety of educational content.

  3. Simple Machine

    2017 - 2020

    Starting as an intern and eventually becoming a lead developer, I worked with artists and designers at Simple Machine to bring a number of popular mobile games to life!